Has your Bank denied you?

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Banks are notorious for their mortgage practices that result in clients getting denied the money they need. Not only does this often happen AFTER they have pre-approved them, but they deny people who are qualified and really should be approved.

How Can a Mortgage Broker Help?

We work with a wide range of Lenders, including private lenders. We shop around to find you a potential lender, as well as the best rate. Since all we do is mortgages, we are focused on providing you the experience of dealing with a qualified professional who knows their business.

Using the equity in your home, we can find lenders to provide you with money, even with poor credit. If you owe taxes to the government, are considering filing for bankruptcy, or want to consolidate your debt, we CAN help!

Knowledge, Experience & Convenience

People often think of a mortgage broker as a last resort, but with our knowledge and experience, we can save clients a lot of time and effort right from the start! We work around your schedule, and you don't need to come into our office. We can complete your entire deal via phone and email!