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Mortgage in all of Alberta.

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If you’re tired of waiting for the bank to process your loan despite a history of excellent credit, call us. If you’ve been rejected by other lending facilities, call us. If you’re looking to re-finance, call us. No matter what mortgage brokering services you require, Bayfield Mortgage Professionals is for you. We’re proud of our ability to guide clients through the complex webs and mazes of money lending. As experienced professionals, we’ve built a strong reputation in the Alberta.

The bottom line is we operate more efficiently and quickly than most banks. Clients often express surprise at the speed of the results they receive when working with a mortgage broker, as opposed to these large corporations. With us, you’re not just another number. You’re a unique person with a unique set of circumstances that have led you to seek us out as someone to guide you in the loan process. We recognize that and move forward from that point.

Term Rate
6 month 3.1%
1 year 2.69%
2 years 2.34%
3 years 2.49%
4 years 2.54%
5 years 2.69%
7 years 4.49%
10 years 4.49%
Variable 2.20%
* Rates subject to change
without notice

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